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why the name?

Jaz grew up with an extensive kitchen garden in the English countryside and a gardener who was a sun loving naturist, working in the nude wherever possible.


He taught Jaz how to care and grow vegetables and fruits. Jaz’s grandmother and mother then taught her how to prepare and cook them.


A budding chef from young age, Jaz’s passion has blossomed and continues to, to this day.


Jaz decided to name her company in the gardeners honour and commit The Naked Gardener completely to creating delicious dishes of great ingredients, expertly cooked and beautifully presented for people who rate natural quality and great taste more highly than the cheapest possible price.


Jaz takes her business very seriously indeed. But does not take herself too seriously at all.


Hence the name!









customer focus


The Naked Gardener is all about providing Customers with the fine dining and other outstanding food-centred experiences that they choose, at competitive prices consistent with the quality they require.


“Food’s value is based on how good it tastes.”


In all good cooking, taste matters more than anything. But other things are important also:


  • The quality of all ingredients

  • The source and seasonality of all fresh ingredients

  • The quality of the preparation, cooking and presentation


The Naked Gardener is 100% committed to satisfying all of our Customers’ culinary needs.


“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price has been forgotten.” Benjamin Franklin

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